Emily Maynard’s New Bachelorette Photos Revealed!

Emily Maynard's New Bachelorette Photos Revealed!

Emily Maynard will be kicking off the eighth season of The Bachelorette on May 14th at 9:30PM EST on ABC. So, true to form, the network has released her official portrait for the upcoming season.

In case you’ve forgotten, fans grew to love Emily as she won season 15 of The Bachelor, Brad Womack’s heart. In the show’s finale, he proposed to her with a $90,000 engagement ring. The engagement was short-lived, as she did not want to disrupt her daughter Ricki’s home life.

Brad said in an interview that he was the cause of the split. He revealed, “The demise of our relationship was completely my fault.”

For the show’s upcoming eighth season, Emily will get to choose from 25 suitors as the show relocates to her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. The network agreed to do so because Emily didn’t want her daughter’s home life disrupted.

On the show, we are curious if Bentley is going to make an appearance. He was one of Ashley Hebert’s suitors, but all throughout her season, he claimed that he wished the Bachelorette was actually Emily. He was the antagonist of the season, showing Ashley two faces — one that was interested and another, which didn’t really care for her.

Will you be watching this season of the show? Will Emily be able to find true love?

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