Eminem Back With Ex-Wife Kim Mathers?

Eminem Back With Ex-Wife Kim Mathers?

We as a fan have the right to know everything about our favorite celebrities lives, at any minute of everyday and they shouldn’t complain right? Would we complain if the shoe was on the other foot?

Regardless it is what it is, an endless feud between star and fan. It is a similar relationship to that of Eminem and his ex-wife Kimberly Mathers who have appeared to make headlines once more over the last week. Why is it every time Eminem has a new album in stores, rumors circulate that he’s either dead, dating Kim or both.

Earlier thismonth Kathy Sluck, Kim’s mother made reported to the media that her daughter and Marshall were secretly back together, and that Marshall’s frequent visits to her daughter were rather pleasant. She reported that Kim was finally sober and doing much better in maturity in which Marshall has noticed. Apparently, Kathy had missed the entire TV interview in 2009 when Kim admitted that she had no idea why Marshall walked out so quickly after their second marriage and vowed that it was the end of their on again off again relationship. Giving Kathy the benefit of the doubt being closely knit to the Mathers family, household fans all over the world wondered if this very possible story was indeed true, or if perhaps Kathy Sluck is living in a very alternate universe. I mean it is very possible that Marshall and Kim, who share a daughter could have decided to give it another go. Right?

Although the biological grandmother of Marshall’s adopted daughter Whitney and half sister to his daughter Hailie disagrees. She says that Marshall and Kim are not back together and they have no plans on getting back together. The pair maintain a friendship to take part in raising their daughters in which both parents have an active role. Although how close do the two truly have to be now with Hailie turning 18 this month and Whitney going on 12?

According to Kathy Sluck, close enough for Marshall to be building Kim a new mansion within walking distance to his own. Wow, that’s some close friendship going on there, I wish my friends were that generous to me. However a rep of Eminem came forward to squash the rumors flat, stating that Marshall and Kim maintain a mature friendship for the sake of their children and they are not back together nor ever will be. Yet as recluse and private as Eminem is and as many times as public knowledge of their relationship has torn the couple apart we are only left to guess if the two are a couple or just close friends?

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