Emma Stone Doesn’t Like Feeling Like A Zoo Animal

Emma Stone Doesn't Like Feeling Like A Zoo Animal

Emma Stone says that she does not like to be treated like a zoo animal. Can you blame her? We can’t imagine how it is to be rich and famous for being an actress and yet people are always acting strangely toward her.

According to our good friends at Girls Talkin’ Smack, Emma opened up about her “zoo animal” treatment. She said, “When people say something, it’s really nice. When people whisper or point, and you feel like you’re a zoo animal, then it’s scary and odd, because it’s alienating. When someone comes up to you and treats you like a human being, then you feel like you’re connecting.”

She also talked about becoming overwhelmed at her status in Hollywood. Find out everything she said about how she achieved what she set out to do at Girls Talkin’ Smack. Seriously, we just love Emma Stone and feel that her star is totally on the rise. Since she starred in “Easy A”, we’ve loved her acting talent. We hope that she decides to do “Fifty Shades Of Grey” because she would be a natural Anastasia, don’t you think? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below!

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