Eva Longoria to apologize for car accident?

Last week, actress Eva Longoria got into a car accident with a man named Roman Gasparyan. He claimed to be suffering a series of injuries after the fender bender and has unleashed a lawsuit on her, claiming that she’s at fault.

Now, Roman claims that if she issues a public apology to him over the accident and takes the blame, he’ll drop the lawsuit.

His attorney said, “Mr. Gasparyan is not here for the money. He’s here for the justice and Mr. Gasparyan puts this proposal to Ms. Longoria that if she admits to this accident, that she’s at fault, and that she apologizes publicly to Mr. Gasparyan for causing him an injury and damages, we will dismiss this lawsuit.”

He went on, “We want everyone to know that Mr. Gasparyan wants justie and the truth to come out of this matter. We will give Ms. Longoria until tomorrow to respond to our offer.”

Her rep has denied that she was to blame for the accident. Do you think she will just apologize if she can get it in writing that he’ll drop the lawsuit against her and go away?

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