OK Magazine: Eva Mendes Pregnant By Ryan Gosling (PHOTO)

OK Magazine: Eva Mendes Pregnant By Ryan Gosling (PHOTO)

Right on the heels of yesterday’s report from “OK!” magazine that Eva Mendes is pregnant by her boyfriend Ryan Gosling is this week’s issue of the publication.

The magazine alleges that the actress is seven months along in her pregnancy by the actor and is demanding that he marry her. The tabloid reports that Eva and Ryan had already called time on their relationship when she learned of her impending baby news. The cover of the issue also shows an inset photo of Eva back in March with the claims that she has been hiding her baby bump since then. Lastly, the magazine has the low-down on Ryan’s “shocking decision”.

What shocking decision could they be referring to? Is he going to marry Eva for the sake of their child? Will he allow her to raise the baby all by herself? Perhaps they will stay apart and co-parent together? It’s all a mystery for now…

What do you think is going on with these two? We already know that Eva has been basically dodging the photo agencies since that March photo — up until now. TMZ has just posted a more recent photo of Eva, but her arms had so much in them that they have obstructed what the celebrity gossip website refers to as the “money shot”.

Both parties have yet to comment on the internet reports of a pregnancy, so at this point it’s just a waiting game. Will she continue to hide her “bump” if the paparazzi begin to stalk her for pictures, which we all know they will?

If she is pregnant, will that change the nature of their relationship? Perhaps they will actually get married as Eva so “desperately” wants? We will be interested to see how this story gets handled by Eva and Ryan — and if it proves to be true at all. Surely if it is true, then “OK!” magazine will certainly earn more credibility than they’ve had in the past.

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