Evan Lysacek wins gold medal; the backlash

Evan Lysacek took home the gold medal in Thursday’s men’s Olympic figure skating. Evgeni Plushenko took home the silver medal for his routine, while U.S. favorite Johnny Weir only received sixth place.

Was is a travesty on the part of the judges?

Daisuke Takahashi brought home the bronze medal, even though he fell during his performance. Weir executed his performance without a hitch.

So where was the flaw? Honestly, the flaw was on the part of the judges. This is the OLYMPICS, not the I SKATED & FELL SHOW. Seriously, where’s Weir’s medal?

Read more other opinions on how Johnny Weir got hosed here (photos) and here (with video).

AP commentary after the jump!

What are your thoughts?

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