Evan Peters Returning To ‘American Horror Story’

Evan Peters Returning To 'American Horror Story'

After completing its fourth season in January 2015, there has been constant talk about which cast members will return for the fifth season of American Horror Story. There has already been several confirmed members, as well as several confirmed absences for the upcoming year.

Jessica Lange, one of the show’s most popular presences, has already exited from the show. Actor Ben Woolfe, known as Meep on season 4 of AHS, will not be reprising his role on the show as he was tragically struck and killed by a vehicle this past winter. A few others, such as Emma Roberts, will not find the time to appear, as she is joining the cast of Scream Queens, a new show from the creator of AHS.

One confirmed cast member includes none other than Lady Gaga, the talented artist and entertainer. Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Chloe Sevigny, and Matt Bomer will also continue being a part of the cast, along with Wes Bentley and Cheyenne Jackson.

The most recent addition to the list is fan favorite Evan Peters. Peters has appeared in all four seasons so far, so fans will be happy to know he is continuing with the show. In season one, Peters played Tate, the son of Jessica’s Lange’s character, Constance. Season two showed Peters as Kit, a man sent to an asylum for murdering his wife, even though he never actually committed the crime. The third season portrayed Peters as Kyle, a student brought back from the dead after being in a bus crash caused by black magic. Peters played Jimmy in season four, a member of the freak show with lobster claws for hands.

The character names have yet to be announced for the show’s upcoming fifth season. Thanks to an announcement from the show’s creator Ryan Murphy, however, we do know that Peters’ character will be staying in Room 64. This season’s show is simply titled, Hotel. Fans can expect to see Evan Peters and the other confirmed cast members back on their screen in October 2015.

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