Faith Hill & Tim McGraw Going Through $135 Million Divorce

Faith Hill & Tim McGraw Going Through $135 Million Divorce

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s marriage is beyond repair — if you believe the latest cover of “Star” magazine. Reportedly, the country singing couple are going through a divorce worth a whopping $135 million!

The magazine reports that Faith is a controlling psycho and that she has forced him to sign over his rights to their vast fortune. In addition, she has forbidden him from contacting his friends. Also, the tabloid has an inset photo of Tim’s wrecked vehicle after he spent a wild night out drinking.

We’re wondering what the magazine’s explanation for this wild drinking night is, considering that he is “forbidden” from talking to his good friends. Was he out drinking like a beast on his own?

The tabloid also features a small piece on Jennifer Lopez casting aside her man-child Casper Smart because he was sexting with some random transgendered chick. They have apparently talked to said transgendered chick in order to get her side of the story. Besides all of that, the internet has been abuzz lately of rumors that their relationship was headed the way of the dodo.

In addition, there is a side piece on Rob Kardashian’s pain as a fat man. He is apparently up to 285 pounds and is sad because his mother Kris Jenner called him a loser. This story is totally believable, considering that she is the same person who told Khloe Kardashian that she needed a nose job by the age of nine. NINE. Kris Jenner is the devil, that is all.

Lastly, Ellen DeGeneres’ father has opened up to the magazine about his famous daughter. What could he possibly tell the world that we don’t already know about the talk show titan?

Either way, the only truth we’ve seen in this particular issue is that Rob Kardashian has put on weight. Of course, his mother still remains the devil, but “Star” doesn’t have an article on that.

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