Faith Hill & Tim McGraw On The Rocks?

Faith Hill & Tim McGraw On The Rocks?

Country singers Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s reported marriage problems are featured once again on the cover of National Enquirer. We’re not sure that these two are actually going through any marriage related drama, but it seems that sometimes where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

According to the magazine’s report, Faith has apparently gone berserk. Their $135 million marriage is on the rocks as Tim has reportedly ditched his wedding ring. Perhaps they should consider seeking counseling? Inside, the magazine gives readers the reason why Tim has taken off his ring. Any guesses?

The magazine also reveals that Faith has given Tim an ultimatum. She has told him to either put the ring back on his finger or he is not welcome to come back home. Oh snap. It’s about to get real!

In addition, the magazine claims that Faith has turned to fellow country singer Kenny Chesney for support. If she’s turning to Kenny and he’s turning to Taylor Swift (as they’ve previously reported), then what is left to salvage? Perhaps they should all just write a song about it and call it a night?

TELL US: Do you think Faith Hill’s marriage to Tim McGraw is on the rocks? Are you buying these reports or this magazine?

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