Farrah Abraham Talks About Her Porn Tape To Howard Stern (Video)

Farrah Abraham Talks About Her Porn Tape To Howard Stern (Video)

Porn star Farrah Abraham talked to Howard Stern about the porn video that she filmed with James Deen. Firstly, she tried to explain to Howard that the video was something that was “very private” between herself and James. Secondly, she says that she’s not trying to be famous. And thirdly, she claims to diddle herself to her own video.

Seriously, you really can’t make this stuff up.


J.D. Harmeyer hates her and was brought in to talk to her about how she is everything that is wrong with entertainment media and pop culture today. He is absolutely right. The entertainment world as it stands today is glorifying those who make poor life decisions. Knocked up at sixteen? Check. Porno? Check. Million dollar deal? Check. Endorsement deals? Check. See what we mean?


Hat tip: Scottie

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  • http://www.ICYDK.com Jocelyn

    What a vapid waste of space

  • Roberta Ferguson


  • Scott Erckman

    JD has been right about these people all along! great article.

  • Roberta Ferguson

    Indeed…She is stupid and it’s clear that he hates her with good reason :)