Fergie says to leave Britney alone, too

In addition to the Britney wackjob, Fergie has lashed out at us to
leave Britney Spears alone.

She says, “They’re young. Leave them alone. If they want to get better, they’re going to get better on their own. If somebody is going to change, they have to want to do it themselves.

I would leave her alone, but I think she likes the attention too much. The girl needs to humble herself a little. I know she’s rich and everything, but that doesn’t mean that she should show her goodies to whoever is around with a camera.

Like I’ve said before, if Britney would’ve acted like she was having a good time up there on stage, instead of lazily performing her new hit single, then the headlines would’ve been a lot different. We would’ve been seeing headlines like, “Britney is back!” or “Britney Spears gives us more”.

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