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Fergie works out to avoid Josh’s cheating

It looks like the Dutchess Fergie has just woke up and realized that her husband is ridiculously too hot for her.

Hubby Josh Duhamel was sneaking around behind her back, doing the nasty with a random stripper. So how does Mrs. Duhamel plan on keeping him around? She’s working out, bitches.

An insider said, “Fergie’s self-esteem took a huge hit after finding out Josh cheated. But she’s fighting back by getting in the best shape of her life. A killer body is the best revenge.”

Too bad there’s no cure for that meth face. Such a shame.

The snitch added, “Fergie is determined to make herself look great for Josh. She even said she’d consider cosmetic procedures. She thinks Josh is a very good man, for the most part, and is worth all the effort.”

Did I mention that her husband is hot?

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