‘Fifty Shades Of Grey': Our Inner Goddess Says No Thank You

'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Book Review

After much speculation online as to who will be taking on the roles of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in E.L. James’ book “Fifty Shades Of Grey”, I finally finished the book. So, I will give you my opinion about the entire book as a whole. I couldn’t resist the erotic nature of the book, so we picked it up. Then, we put it back down numerous times. It was actually a struggle to get through the entire book. Why? I’ll tell you…

The book was written by a British woman about characters in the U.S. The only problem? The terms used to refer to every day items weren’t Americanized. An example would be how the characters take a “holiday” as opposed to a “vacation”. Another example would be Ana grabbing her “satchel” as opposed to her “bag” or “purse”.

Also of some annoyance were the crutch phrases that were used repetitively in the novel. Her “inner goddess” and “subconscious” were always on hand, being personified like squeamish girls or ladies dancing. The first time Ana referred to them, I thought, ‘Oh how cute.’ When it got to the fiftieth mention of said fictitious creatures, I was cringing and putting the book down.

Lastly, I felt as if the book was very poorly written and in desperate need of editing. There were countless spelling and grammatical errors throughout the book. It almost lends itself to the notion that the book was put on a rush release so that its author could rake in the profits from the movie rights.

Have you read the book? If so, what were your thoughts on this “mommy porn”? Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t say that I would see this movie. Especially if Ian Somerhalder, Alexander Skarsgard or Joe Manganiello get the lead role of Christian. Will you?

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  • http://twitter.com/Janeurogyn Jane

    The content obviously works for very very many. I wonder if that’s the key? Educated discriminating readers like yourself-academics, well informed people – have trouble- maybe have all highly developed  left brains? They can’t help but notice any  lack of technical brilliance – their standards are necessarily very high.
    Issues – well n the right brain side – theyalso  have a pretty complex understanding of life  so it’s going to take something pretty spectacular to enlighten them- move them.
    On other hand -occasional or never readers-  & these are  the ones – necessarily who are mass reading this book- we just don’t care -we don’t even notice?  We don’t give a hoot about lack of technical complexity, linguisitc competence- we just fall for the story. A 21 yr old unsophisticate from poor rural background can talk as parochially as she likes- do we care?

    The issues – well we too  are necessarily  more ignorant, undiscriminating. So we can love the  great heart felt emotions, the  love story, the intimacy, the exploration & defining of  abuse- its great depiction here.
    On abuse; I haven’t previously ever read any stories depicting  the very high functioning  end of the abuse spectrum. They are out there.  I’ve only seen utterly broken characters previously depicted (The Blind Assassin, -or Anne Enright, The Forgotten Waltz). The Sense of an Ending did – in a round about way- but then I read that later. 
    You will likely have read countless stories depicting this special & to me fascinating group- so how could it be anything but tedious for you. To me its new -I felt this was the 1st story to address them
    For me, paedophilia even- asking where are the boundaries. Relationships – are they all always  contractual or unconditional. Kink -its place in society, its diff interpretations and uses. There’s a psychological mystery to solve- who is Mr Grey? There’s erotica,  – page turning stuff that makes me wonder what I can do to better nurture my own relationship. It’s uneducated enjoyment.

  • mlneenan

    I have read all 3 books, and yes, I would go see the movie if the right actor plays Christian.  I, quite frankly, can’t see anyone in the role except Ian Somerhalder.  The emphasis in the book is ALWAYS on the eyes and Christian’s stare.  The first book is the most difficult to read but I didn’t note incorrect American terms being used.  Once you get into book 2 and 3, a plot actually develops as we learn what made Christian the messed up man he is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Timothy-Brian-Foley/667260005 Timothy Brian Foley

    whose going to play whom ian somerhalder seems like the only one consider for the film christian grey needs a dark man actor to play him

  • Melanie Beriault Lafrance

    Personally, I think Josh Duhamel should be Mr. Grey…they could put some grey contact lenses for the role and he would be perfect.

  • Pundit

    Yes, badly written. In this way and many other ways, Fifty Shades of Grey reminds me of the Twilight saga. Christian and Ana remind me of Edward and Bella; he controlling and powerful, she awkward and helpless. EL James has taken the Twilight formula and porno-ized it and is raking in millions. How simple could it be?

  • Anagrace

    Ian Somerhalder would be the perfect Christian! He has the eyes the eyebrow thing already! I can’t imagine anyone else playing him. So yes I will go see it if he is Christian! Hopefully they won’t mess it up casting people who don’t fit!

  • LeslieA

    I noticed the errors and was happy to see here that I wasn’t the only one who did.  Having said that, I also plowed through all three books in under a week, so I must have gotten past my perfectionism-in-writing-is-a-must self and found something that I found appealing.  As for Christian, I must be the only one, but I think Alex Pettyfer should at least be in the discussion!  He’s got the eyes, the LIPS, and the hips off of which those gray pants could hang “just so” perfectly!!!

  • Karen

    Well I’m sorry to say that I’ve red the Portugese version/Translation, and I too saw som errors… t6he secon and third books I read in original English version, and I mus sadly say that I heard Christian with a slight English accent… But rally I loved the books, and when i finishd the third I felt unsatisfied and wanting more. I do hope the movei dosn’t dissapoint me… The Music CD is already on Order….