French Montana Not Using Khloe Kardashian For Her Fame

French Montana Not Using Khloe Kardashian For Her Fame

As it turns out, rapper French Montana isn’t using his reality star girlfriend Khloe Kardashian for her fame, as previously reported. Now, he says that when he said he wanted to capitalize off of his situation, his words were taken out of context.

He revealed, “I was so mad about that. If I’m with somebody, I’m not with them for that reason.”

In fact, the rapper doesn’t actually like all of the attention associated with being a part of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. He said, “I hate being on camera. Sometimes you’re not ready for it and it’s too much pressure, but I also love it. But I hate how it happened…all the commotion.”

With regard to his love for Kardashian, he said that there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her. He said, “She supports me with everything I do. When it comes to her career, I don’t think about it. If she needs me to do something, I do it.”

He also opened up about getting shot in the head and how that changed his future decisions. He added, “After you go through something like that, you ain’t making no mistakes. You calculate every move you do. I just feel like it was karma. When you do negative stuff in your life, it always comes back to you. I feel like that’s what it was.”

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