Full Of Win: The Downton Abbey Castle Made Out Of Legos

Full Of Win: The Downton Abbey Castle Made Out Of Legos

Twenty-three year-old Rochester, New York native Eric Stevens loves his girlfriend so much that he recreated the Highclere castle from Downton Abbey for her as a gift. Not only that, but he also created the major characters from the show as well.

In an interview, he said, “No one had created the Downton Lego, so I built it as a gift for my girlfriend, who also loves the show. I think the project really captures the essence of Highclere, Downton and the brilliant period characters.”

The characters featured are The Earl and Countess of Grantham, Bates the valet, Branson, Matthew, Carson, Mary, Sybil and the Dowager Countess. Why is there no Lady Edith? She always seems to get left out, doesn’t she?

What do you think of this wonderful Downton creation? Hit the comments and leave us your thoughts below. In case you were wondering, the show makes its U.S. premiere on Sunday, January 5th on PBS. Come back for our recaps in case you miss the show!

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