George Clooney Bans Himself From Booze

George Clooney has given himself a self-imposed ban on alcoholic beverages!

In a new interview, the actor says that he is abstaining from drinking booze for a short while so that he can see if it improves his health. We’re sure most doctors would agree with this plan, eh?

He revealed, “I’ve made a little New Year’s deal that I wouldn’t drink for a while. I’m giving my liver a chance to catch back up.”

George was arguably the funniest thing about Sunday’s Golden Globes, poking fun at Michael Fassbender with a penis joke. It’s good to know that he brought the funny all on his own with no assistance from alcohol. Ha.

He also revealed that the more he ages, the less sleep he requires throughout the night. He said, “You could argue that people, as they get older, sleep less – probably because they’re afraid of dying at some point. I know my parents don’t sleep much. I know that I used to be able to sleep until noon when I was younger. I couldn’t fathom staying in bed until ten now. I wouldn’t know what to do unless there’s a football game on.”

Photo Credit: Fallen Star,

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