George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis Have Split Up!

George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis Have Split Up!

It was only a matter of time before George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis called time on their relationship. They’d been dating for two years, but now, it’s all over. George is back on the market, ladies!

We probably could’ve called this one from a mile away. Considering earlier this month, she said that she could see her future as a married woman. As a matter of fact, we did call it…on the 9th of this month.

She then said, “Whenever I see my picture in a magazine I know what is being written. They all say that I spend my time organizing parties and that my boyfriend does not want to marry me and be with me anymore. I am a firm believer in marriage, in the future I will be married, but for the time being I am happy as I am.”

We said then, “We’re shaking up our magic eight ball now. It’s telling us that she sure will get married in the future, just not to him.”

People magazine reports their joint statement, issued earlier today:

“We are not together anymore. It’s very difficult and very personal, and we hope everyone can respect our privacy,” Clooney and Canalis said in a joint statement Wednesday.

So sad, but we’re sure he’ll be on to his next lady in no time. Any takers?

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