George Clooney Introduces Girlfriend Stacy Keibler To His Family

George Clooney Introduces Girlfriend Stacy Keibler To His Family

Good old George Clooney, he’ll take a woman to a movie premiere or two, he’ll introduce her to his family and let her get all comfortable with his lifestyle of money and privilege. But when the question of marriage pops up, he’s out of there faster than you can say “commitment-phobe”

In case you hadn’t heard, George has been dating Stacy Keibler, after recently calling it quits with Elisabetta Canalis. Yes, she mentioned the “M” word and he was off like a prom dress.

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A source said, “It’s a big deal and Stacy knows it. She really took to George’s mom and said she’s a sweetheart. A lot of people thought it was going to be a fling. But it’s not – it’s at the serious point.”

Somehow, we have a tendency to doubt that he’s actually serious about her. Just like all of the others, he’ll grow tired of her and toss her aside. It all starts when she starts believing that they have an actual future together….and it’s all downhill from there.

George has said it before, he’s not the marrying kind…but he’ll stay with a woman until she starts getting clingy. Then, he’s out the door!

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