George Clooney To Marry Girlfriend Stacy Keibler?

George Clooney To Marry Girlfriend Stacy Keibler?

We’re kind of cracking up about this story because there are people on the planet who actually believe that George Clooney is actually able to commit to a woman. Sure, he can be a boyfriend with no actual strings attached for years, but speak of babies and/or marriage and it’s over before you know it. Just ask Sarah Larson or Elisabetta Canalis. I guess we can’t really blame Stacy Keibler for this one, though, right?

George and Stacy went on a family vacation in Europe and when that went off without a hitch, his mom has been telling him to marry Stacy. Of course Mother Clooney wants her son to be happy, but apparently she doesn’t know how allergic he is to commitment of any sort. His take on marriage? He’s tried it once, so that’s good enough. Now, he basically just bangs chicks into celebrity status (not Stacy, though, as she was a quasi-celebrity prior to the Cloon).

George and Stacy hung out with their parents at his Lake Como home in Italy. A source said, “That’s where George and Stacy first fell in love, so having their parents there was important to them.” The Clooney/Keibler pal referred to the trip as “the final step before George and Stacy get married. Now everyone believes a wedding is in the works!”

The spy went on to say that George’s parents “adore” Stacy. The source said, “She’s the first girlfriend George has had in decades that his parents will spend time with”, adding that George’s mom “is definitely pushing him to marry Stacy — and have babies!”

Another pal of the couple’s said that if George proposed, she would “say yes, without a doubt.” The insider went on to say, “Stacy isn’t just George Clooney’s professional girlfriend. She has her own career.”

Then there’s this load of crap, which we are totally NOT buying. The source added, “He’s looking to settle down, and he wants to marry Stacy.”

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  • TaylorLynn38

    OK right!  It’s always funny to hear the marriage talk when a “girlfriend” of super cad, committment phobic, man-whore, playboy George Clooney makes it to the one year mark. Tabloids, blogs and mags say the same thing every other year or award season when George takes the time to trott out another female like a prize pig that nobody cares about or will remember when he’s done with her. How all his friends think she’s the one, his parents love her, this is the one.  It’s like the press has stock quotes at the ready every other year.  I think he just really needs to take some time to himself and stop f#$&ing every wannabe in hollywood.  It’s getting to be ridiculous, he looks old and insane, she’s a robotic, amazon stepford girlfriend who laughs insanely at everything he says,  with a smile like the joker, and none of this is a good look. He has definitely raised the “ICK” factor. And his friends are just as creepy(Cindy and Randy) for thinking ths is cool and ok. He needs to concentrate on making good movies other people, besides his narcissistic self, wants to see.  The only movies that made any real money, as in bonafide hit and not just the opening weekend, is the Oceans films.  So really George is a star because of popularity and not bankability.  I mean Men Who Stare at Goats was greenlit only because his name is George Clooney because that movie was atrocious. Its time to re-evaluate your life George and your career when your personal life is more interesting then your movies and now your personal life has become a real snooze fest as well. So now what?  Cabo for the 100th time this year? Bore me to death!

    • Lucy

      My God, we are a bitter little thing aren’t we? If you don’t give a crap about Clooney or his parade of women, why do you read these and take time out of your obviously lonely and bitter life to even comment. You WISH you were Stacy. She probably has more class in a strand of her hair than you’ll ever have. Get a life…if you can. But it does make me laugh at people who think they know so much about someone they’ll never get within 100 miles of.

      • TaylorLynn38

        Bitch please!  There is a reason why they added a comment section,and surprise that reason is to make comments!  I’m fine, not bitter and not lonely at all but obviously you need attention if you feel the need to comment on my OPINIONATED comment in the comment section.  Good God, if you feel the need to fantasize about Georgie boy, go right ahead.  But by no means do I feel the need to be Stacy Keibler.  Maybe you do, and that’s ok.  People need to keep hope alive especially if life for you is unfulfilling.  What really makes me laugh is people like you who say the same thing about wanting to be that person or whatever.  Sweetie, unless you have confirmation that your next at bat with the Cloonster or on his payroll, you don’t need to tell me who I know or who I will get 100 miles of.  Because neither will you as far as his bodyguards are concerned.  By the way, how can you tell if Stacy has class?  Are you on her payroll too?  Do you know her personally?  I didn’t think so.  I like George but I think, like I said before, he needs to take a time out from the ho’s.  Get his shit together. Realize the fountain of youth is not always found at the bottom of a 30 year olds p$$sy.  Also you need to realize this whole thing, the bigger picture is for entertainment not to tell someone to get a life or that they’re lonely or stalkerish or whatever the hell.  So IF you are a basement dweller whose sole purpose in life is to troll websites and defend celebrities as if they’re God like, then what you really need to to do is get a life instead of going to the many other websites to make your comments about other opinions like the real lonely people do. K?!

  • toots

    Fortunately, George has found the right lady and she will be great for him.