Glenn Danzig To Be On The Next ‘Rock Of Love’

Say what???

Yes, you read that correctly. Glenn Danzig will be walking tall in the glam boots of Bret Michaels for a new Rock Of Love show aimed at finding him someone to bring home to “Mother”.

The show will be called “Rock of Love: Bride of Satan with Glenn Danzig” and will make it’s premiere on VH1 in July.

At least they’re getting a metal god to do the show now. I just have to wonder what he’s going to put those girls through, to win his affections.

Vh1 details some of the challenges, which include: “goat entrail soup and chili cook-off blindfolded nun deflowering contest sexy seance strip-a-thon virgin or family member: the sacrifice challenge name that heretic.”

Okay, you know I’ll be tuning in when this one gets good. Finally someone in rock/metal besides Bret gets a show!

And purely for nostalgic purposes, I give you “Mother”:

Image Credit: Newscom

Glenn Danzig To Be On The Next ‘Rock Of Love’ was last modified: June 25th, 2011 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • aaron

    LMAO this is all lies
    this was posted on the vh1 boards, from “vh1 producer” and it was the first post. are we all this gullible?


    C’mon! Let us at least have some HOPE before you tell us it’s a joke.

    This would be the BEST show on VH1! Though, only if they use his actual house in Los Feliz and not some McMansion.

  • timtim

    It’s a phony press release. Are you really that gullible?


    Are you really that gay?

  • Chucko

    I so need this to be real.
    it would be so. freeking. good.

  • Anna

    wow, I mean the name is called ‘Bride of Satan’ you can tell its fake just from that…..


    WOW Anna, you are SOOOOO smart!

    Your parents must be proud.

  • Shannon


    • myself

      stick to miley cyrus DANZIG IS TO MUCH 4 YOU

  • Tonya

    If i wasn’t already in love with him, then maybe. But this is a bullshit idea. I would beleave it if he called me himself to tell me he was actualy selling out, and doing the show.

  • Mimi

    How can I be a contestant???!!! I think he is the sexist man alive. He reminds me of an ancient warrior from a romance novel. Everytime I see a video or pic I’m just in awe of his beauty. Glenn Danzig is the man in my dreams I see every night… Mimi

  • Vivian Vamp

    Oh My God.

    I really like Glenn Danzig, but if this is true, I’m going to loose all the respect I had him before.

    Trying to find a couple on a TV show is so ridiculous.

    And thought I love that guy, I would never even think of being one of the contestants, for god’s sake.

    • myself

      this is 2010 stop your crying shit go to fucking church

  • kilbane

    damnit comon danzig your better than that!!!

    • myself

      damn you moterfucker he's giving people what they want to see HIM

  • Texas Lisa

    So what if he appears on this show! Glenn is extremely talented and always deserved a greater audience. If I wasn't married I would love the chance to be a contestant, and I've never even watched this show. Looking forward to it. I love Glenn Danzig!!


    FOR ye Whom Scream! ! ! SELL OUT! It gose Like this The Man is all But Black Listed or at least it would seem & this is mainly why? ? ? because He Did NOT! sell out when it came to His Music. I am sure He could of Been Uber Mettalica Rich If he had "Sold" out I mean Mother is the most Heard about Song say Danzig someone says MOTHER! get real He has Much Darker & Sadistical Songs by far That i am sure he would Rather be known for. Sell out Na think not But he neeeds to attract new and younger Fans Just as any other artist , would you call any! sports figurea sell out for endourseing a Product ? no so….. Second is Basicly FUCK YEAH SELL OUT WHILE YOU CAN OR LOOK BACK AND REGRET NOT JUMPING ONBOARD WHEN YA COULD. If you dont smeone else will & they got no problem findingEMINEM'S. Been a Loyal Fan since i could chose. Someday we will hang out talk some shittill then…………….SIN4FUN

  • go fuck your self

    i have to call the bull shit card