Globe Magazine: Camilla Stuns Pregnant Kate: ‘I Don’t Want To Be Queen!’ (Photo)

Globe Magazine: Camilla Stuns Pregnant Kate: 'I Don't Want To Be Queen!' (Photo)

The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker-Bowles, has apparently told Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, that she does not have any desire to become Queen. Interesting. Seeing that she’s married to Prince Charles, if he succeeds Queen Elizabeth II.

According to reports, if Charles does become King, Camilla wants to be referred to as Princess Consort. Technically, she is the Princess of Wales, but she doesn’t use that title because of its association with Charles’ first wife, Princess Diana.

Also featured in this issue is the story of boxing great Muhummad Ali, with the publication giving him only six months left to live.

In addition, they’ve included a fitting tribute to awesome morning talk show host, Regis Philbin. Mary Tyler Moore has cheated death and the magazine calls out Herman Cain for being a liar.

We’re really going to miss Regis! He’s such a fun-loving, great guy, isn’t he? Let’s hope that their report on Muhummad Ali is wrong and they prove the Herman Cain lies. Ha.

Happy Tabloid Cover Wednesday!

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