Globe Magazine: Michelle Obama SNAPS! (Photo)

Globe Magazine: Michelle Obama SNAPS! (Photo)

According to the latest cover of Globe Magazine, the First Lady Michelle Obama is SNAPPING!

Is Barack Obama’s marriage to Michelle in trouble? Apparently it must be, because Globe said it — so it must be true, right? No one wants a President who can’t even handle his own marriage, do they?!?

The tabloid reveals that Michelle had a “shocking midnight meltdown”!

From their report:

A special GLOBE investigation reveals that Barack and Michelle Obama’s marriage has exploded. Their fragile relationship finally shattered in a shocking midnight phone call during Michelle’s trip to Las Vegas. Find out what the First Lady and President said and why insiders now believe the marriage can’t be saved – all in the new GLOBE.

Also revealed by the publication is Nancy Reagan’s fury as “Hanoi Jane” Fonda is playing her in a Hollywood movie. The magazine also warns Prince Charles to “watch out” because Duchess Camilla has gotten her hands on a gun! Apparently he wants her to get locked up in a “psycho ward”.

They’ve also got a feature on Titanic sinking and some survivor’s stories — along with what the wreckage looks like today.

Does this make you want to pick up the latest issue of Globe? Titanic photos, Presidential marriage drama and those crazy Royals! Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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