Globe Magazine: Sarah Palin’s Cocaine Scandal (Photo)

Globe Magazine: Sarah Palin's Cocaine Scandal (Photo)

According to The Globe, former Alaskan Governor-turned-reality star, Sarah Palin, is involved in some sort of cocaine scandal.

Their photo with the caption, “She snorted drug here” just says it all, doesn’t it? It’s as if no one told them that they’re missing a word, perhaps?

Is this an attempt to get people to discredit her in her possible attempt at the White House next year? Heck, she can probably do just fine with discrediting herself all on her own. She’s a moron in her own right, thank you very much.

So, unless the Globe has specific photos and/or video of Sarah sniffing the white lady, we’re not buying it. We’d like to believe it, but we need proof, people. Besides, does Sarah seem wired like your average cokehead? Probably not. No, she’s just stupid. And you really can’t fix that, can you?

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