Good Samaritan Prevents Lindsay Lohan Sexy Photo Leak

Good Samaritan Prevents Lindsay Lohan Sexy Photo Leak

Lindsay Lohan almost became the latest victim of nude photos getting leaked onto the internet!

While Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis’ cell phones were hacked, Lindsay simply lost hers. Fortunately for Lindsay, the person who found the phone wanted nothing to do with Lindsay’s personal business and just returned the phone.

TMZ reports:

Lindsay lost the phone in New York City, as she left the V magazine party at the Boom Boom Room. We’re told our Good Samaritan, who worked next door to the venue, spotted the lost phone and took it home.

According to our sources, the screen read “LINDSAY LOHAN’S PHONE” when he plugged it into his computer. He somehow figured out how to contact Lindsay’s people and then returned it … without even asking for a reward. And you guessed it … she didn’t give him one.

We’re told Lindsay was ecstatic … the phone contained lots of important phone numbers numbers and emails, as well as personal photos and “a lot of stuff” that she wouldn’t want published.

Perhaps it was an attempt for Lindsay to leak her own saucy photos? It’s that time of year again when people are starting to wonder why she’s famous. Try harder, Lindsay, you’re becoming too obvious.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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