Grey’s Anatomy Recap ‘One Step Too Far’ 3/15/12

Grey's Anatomy Recap 'One Step Too Far' 3/15/12

Tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, titled One Step Too Far gave us the low-down on what exactly is going on in Cristina and Owen’s marriage. But first, Cristina tried to talk a man who looks like Richard about the loss of his husband.

The Richard-alike’s husband was hit by a car and she is trying to communicate to him that his husband is clinically brain dead. She starts to disconnect the machines and let him go, but the man refuses. He isn’t accepting of what is going on.

During this episode, Derek tries to convince Meredith to work with him in Neurology. A decision made by Meredith causes Lexie to damage the speech abilities of a 27-year-old woman.

Meanwhile, Jackson’s mother Catherine is walking around with her own intern, who Jackson thinks is brought there served to him on a silver platter. Jackson tells her that she has to stick to her guns when it comes to his mother. She stands up for herself, telling Catherine that she’s not going to the banquet and Jackson escorts her to an empty room in the hospital. They ended up sleeping together, obviously.

Later, Cristina convinces the man who lost his husband that letting him go is for the best. She advises him that it would’ve been better for him to have died in the crash, because at least then he would have closure. He agrees to sign the papers, tearfully.

At the end of the episode, Owen comes home to Cristina and she confronts him. She tells him that she accused his nurse of sleeping with him. She is looking for some reassurance that he loves her, to which he offers that he loves her so much it hurts. She says that they are able to work things out, but he tells her that he loves her so much — it hurts. He tells her that he didn’t cheat on her with the nurse, but he did cheat on her.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of the show?

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  • Nothankoon

    just because the dad from the fresh prince is black and grey haired doesnt mean he is a richard look alike.

    • earsucker

       My apologies, I actually thought it was the guy who played Richard, in a dual role….Ooopsie