Grimm Recap: Season 1 Episode 11 ‘Tarantella’ 2/10/12

Grimm Recap: Season 1 Episode 11 'Tarantella' 2/10/12

Tonight, Grimm returns to kick off the weekend and with a big bite while it’s at it. If you’re like I am, tonight’s show is about a really big nasty spider of Tarantellian size! I am going to have nightmares for a week after this I am sure. Join us tonight as we recap the show live and give you all the gory details.

David Guintoli as Nick Burckard
Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin
Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe
Bitsie Tulloch as Juilette Silverton
Reggie Lee as SGT. Wu
Sasha Roiz as Captain Renard

NBC Synopsis:

The desiccated body of a young man leads Nick and Hank to a deadly woman leading a double life. A trail of homicides puts Nick and Hank in pursuit of a deadly heartbreaker; Nick’s rising stature in the creature world prompts concerns about Juliette’s safety.


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