Grimm Recap: Season 1, Episode 9 ‘Game Ogre’ 1/13/12

Grimm Recap: Season 1, Episode 9 'Game Ogre' 1/13/12

Tonight NBC’s hit new show Grimm is back for the New Year with episode eight, titled, Game Ogre, of season one. It’s been a long wait since December 16th, but tonight’s show is going to be a good one. Get ready for some scary creatures and some crazy police action as Grimm returns at 9PM EST.

Episode Synopsis: An escapee returns to Portland seeking revenge against those who put him behind bars. His unusual strength and high tolerance for pain makes Nick (David Giuntoli) take notice. As the case escalates Nick and Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) are put in danger, and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) is called into action to help put an end to the convict’s deadly rampage. Russell Hornsby, Reggie Lee and Sasha Roiz also star.


Tonight we begin with a business man walking into his home and hearing noises outside. He gets in and set his alarm. Outside someone is lurking. The business man is in his home office and keeps hearing noise when gets up and goes to the window and is attacked. A fight breaks out and shot are fired. The intruder kills the man. The police show up to find a break-in at the house. They search the house and find out the house belongs to a state judge. Logan Patterson. They find Logan dead on the floor of his home office.

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