Guy Oseary to replace Simon Cowell on ‘American Idol’?

Rumor has it that Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary is being considered as a replacement for Simon Cowell on “American Idol”.

A source said, “Guy has been in the music business since Madonna discovered him when he was 17, and he has a lot of the same experience as Simon. His competition just can’t live up to his level of experience and the people behind the show are slowly starting to realize it.”

I still want Howard Stern to be his replacement. The Shock Jock has already said that he would do it for $100 million. It’s too bad that Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t feel the same way.

It’s obviously becoming a sinking ship, the producers of the show will need a really big name to up the ante to keep viewership. Who do you think they should pick?

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