Gwyneth Paltrow Shows Us How Not To Spend SNAP Benefits

Gwyneth Paltrow Shows Us How Not To Spend SNAP Benefits

Food stamps are a lifeline for millions of individuals who just can’t make those ends meet. Gwyneth Paltrow decided to be an example of thrifty-creative shopping and show how you can take those food stamp benefits and use them to make life better. The actual point of this challenge was to shine a light on the real life challenges that many families must face each and every day. If you only have minimal government assistance to purchase groceries then a few bucks is only going to stretch so far-and no further. However ultra-rich and vegan-minded Gwyneth accepted the challenge of feeding a family on a whopping $29 bucks a week. What lessons did we learn from her valiant efforts?

We learned that Paltrow refused to abandon her gilded-cage and lofty health ideals. She took the $29 and purchased cage-free eggs, a few tart limes, rice, tortillas and a few fresh veggies. Anyone could see the train wreck that was rapidly approaching as Ms. Hollywood Celeb tried to make those grocery items stretch out for a week. Quite possibly they wouldn’t even make more than two or three, calorie-restricted meals for the majority of US families.

Even the most dedicated vegans and vegetarians will eat blemished fruits and veggies. Not Gwyneth. Her food choices included only items that she personally approved for her palate. No ingenuity. No imagination. No investment in the reality of this challenge. Paltrow herself threw in the towel and conceded defeat just a couple of days after the challenge began.

It should be embarrassing for Gwyneth to put her lack of real-life knowledge on display. Families need food. They need calories. They need meals that every member can eat without keeling over from starvation before a week has gone by. If you have unlimited financial resources you can certainly choose fresh fruits and veggies instead of settling for some processed foods. When you are on a strict budget you need to curb your personal wants and choose wisely when shopping for groceries. Paltrow just didn’t get it, not even a little bit.

Someone needs to tell Ms. Gwyneth that you can find cheap, nutritious foods and stretch those dollars much further than she ever did. You can purchase reduced fruits and veggies, day-old bread and other goodies if you put the effort into the task. Using coupons can help you stretch government assistance even further. It still is very difficult to try and feed a family on a minuscule grocery allowance but Paltrow was never serious about the challenge.

Gwyneth feels entitled and superior to most ordinary humans. Her idea of budgeting is to choose gluten-free tortillas and fresh limes. Give me a break, please! Oh, well, what could anyone expect from someone who is still consciously coupled to a wealthy and pampered lifestyle?

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