Hail The Sweet Sound of Swordbearer

Again perusing Myspace, I stumbled upon Swordbearer. Upon first listen to the first track, “Inspired By The Trees”, I was thinking that this is not a bad folk song. Again searching in the Black Metal genre, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. Thank God I stuck around long enough to listen to “They Came By Wind And Sail”. This guy is an 18 year old kid from Glen Gardner, NJ and get this, it’s all only him.

In his own words:

Anyway, all of the songs are originals that I have created by myself, using only guitar, keyboards, wooden flute, and vocals.

“Season Of Harvest” sounds like a metal mix of some arabian track where the guy tries to get the snake out of the basket with his flute. Almost two minutes into the song, it changes tempo for a few seconds, but it recomposes itself, then melodically inducing your ears to listen to more.

The final track, “Behold I Am The Night” is a slow metal song with slow, mellow, and dark vocals.

Verdict: Metal infused with folk music? I’d have said, ‘eww, no’, but I’m glad I listened before judgment. Swordbearer rocks.

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