Haley Reinhart Is Already Recording Her First Single

Haley Reinhart Is Already Recording Her First Single

American Idol castoff Haley Reinhart has wasted no time since her ousting from the show last week. We’ve learned that the raspy singer is already recording her first single!

Wow, that was quick! What’s even quicker is the fact that the single is set to be released this week!

According to reports, Haley is set to perform the song on Wednesday night’s finale!

NY Post reports:

Haley’s mother and father broke the news during a charity concert over the weekend in their hometown of Wheeling, Ill., just outside Chicago.

“They are just going to test it out,” her father, Harry, told the crowd. “They may release it, they may not. But she’s recording.”

She moves fast! Will you purchase Haley’s first single when it’s released?? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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