Harry Styles Dates Kendall Jenner; Won’t Appear On ‘KUWTK’

Harry Styles Dates Kendall Jenner; Won't Appear On 'KUWTK'

We already know that One Direction singer Harry Styles is dating Kendall Jenner, but apparently he wants to keep their relationship more personal than professional. When we learned that these two were dating, we guessed that Kris Jenner would be frothing at the mouth to get him to appear on their reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but reportedly he wants nothing to do with the show!

You know Kris has to be fuming that one of her little money makers is dating someone who doesn’t want to have a camera stuffed in their face 24/7. She probably has the devil on the horn right now, yelling at him, “THIS IS NOT WHAT WE AGREED UPON!”

Either way, Harry doesn’t want the family’s reality TV cameras following them around on any of their dates, despite being a fan of the show. Well, there is no accounting for taste, is there?

A source said, “Harry has told Kendall that he will not appear on Keeping Up With The Kardashians under any circumstances. Harry does not want his love life played out across the world on TV.”

Another source talked of Pimp Mama Kris and her evil plan to stupify and take over the world. The source said, “Kris has a double interest. Obviously she wants her daughter to have the best relationship with Harry but as the show’s Executive Producer, she knows how much of a draw footage of the pair could be. Naturally, the producers want Harry on camera.”

Stay strong Harry, you can do this!

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