Harry Styles Will Break Taylor Swift’s Heart

Harry Styles Will Break Taylor Swift's Heart

According to reports, One Direction singer Harry Styles has rekindled his relationship with country singer Taylor Swift. Now, we’ve learned that Harry is a heartbreaker — and is likely to give Taylor enough material to write an entirely new album.

Since they’ve begun seeing each other again, Taylor has gotten death threats on Twitter from One Direction’s vast fan base. But it looks like that might be simmering down, as Harry isn’t really ready to settle down with anyone.

The duo dated earlier this year, but only for a brief time and have been spotted backstage at “The X Factor USA” holding hands. The show’s host Mario Lopez broke the news telling fans that they looked like they were back together.

Taylor is said to be taking things way too seriously and too quickly with the singer, but he’s not up for anything remotely serious at the moment. A source revealed, “Taylor and Harry have been quietly seeing each other again. When Taylor dates someone she jumps in full force, but Harry is being a little more cautious this time around. Taylor is a hopeless romantic, so she’s really hoping it works out with Harry.”

Another source said that Taylor shouldn’t hold her breath on anything being serious with Harry. The source said, “Harry’s being really sweet with her right now and careful not to hurt her. But at the same time, he’s a young, popular heartthrob who isn’t quite ready to be tied down.”

Do you think Taylor Swift has a real future with Harry Styles? Or should she start writing the breakup material now?

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