Have you heard Mindless Self Indulgence yet?

Mindless Self IndulgenceMindless Self Indulgence is a mix of electronica and punk and it’s hardcore.

I’m really digging this band, and you can too, here at their Myspace page.

The good news is that they’re coming to the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland on April 29th. I’d highly recommend listening to the Straight to Video Birthday Massacre first. It’s got such an awesome vibe to it. Too bad they’re not allowing anyone to download any of the songs…..that’s the only thing that bites.

Check them out, you’ll be glad you did!

Have you heard Mindless Self Indulgence yet? was last modified: July 1st, 2015 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • Ambient Decay

    Hah. I do like the Birthday Massacre mix, though I’m really digging the remix by K.M.F.D.M., though, what do you mean they aren’t allowing any downloads?

  • http://earsucker.com/ Roberta

    I tried to download some of their music but it doesn’t let me…. :(

  • Ambient Decay

    Hrm.. Well if you have Limewire or SLSK (SoulSeek), then you can download the music that way.

    ..:: shrugs ::..

    I love my P2P Clients.. HAH.

  • gothikid13

    download the cd “you’ll rebel to anything” through a torrent or something, i can guarantee you that if you like msi, you will pretty much automatically love that cd…. its quite amazing