Heather Graham Blasts Las Vegas; Calls It Phony

Heather Graham Blasts Las Vegas; Calls It Phony

Heather Graham returned to Las Vegas, Nevada in order to film the third installment of “The Hangover”, but she called Sin City “phony”.

In a recent interview, she said, “I don’t like Las Vegas. People seem phony, they’re spending all their money and it’s sad. And it’s also so cold with permanent air conditioning everywhere. I’m more the type who wants to be outside and look at a tree. I don’t want to look at a machine.”

She didn’t exactly enjoy her time in Vegas, but she did enjoy the super swanky trailers that she and her movie co-stars stayed in while filming the movie. She said, “Well, we had much nicer trailers, they’re gorgeous, you can live in there, they’re so nice! And Zach has gone on a total health kick, he’s Mr. Healthy, he’s observing this really strict diet. He’s this crazy comedian, but now he’s super health-conscious, he doesn’t eat sugar or gluten.”

She added, “I sort of am [like that]. It’s sad! I didn’t use to be like that. I’ll eat candy but, because I feel better if I don’t, I don’t usually do it. But I go to Italy or somewhere that has the best bread ever, I will eat it, but I don’t eat a whole lot of white flour on a daily basis.”

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