Heidi Montag had a crush on Dr. Frank Ryan

According to a close friend of Dr. Frank Ryan’s, Heidi Montag was harboring a secret crush on him. Well, she sure has a crazy way of showing it!

His friend, Dawn DaLuise, said, “I believe she had a crush on him. I believe she was romantically obsessed with him….she saw him as a knight in shining armor.”

Heidi has claimed that Dr. Ryan wanted her to “be his Barbie doll”, but Dawn said that it was more like the other way around. She said, “He sent texts and emails to friends saying that she wanted to be a Barbie, she wanted to look exactly like a Barbie.”

Reportedly, Dr. Ryan even went as far as trying to talk her out of her quest for perfection. Dawn said, “He presented why he didn’t think this was a good idea.”

Dawn went on to reveal that “She showed up at the office uninvited” and that co-workers knew “he wouldn’t take her calls.” She added, “She began that pursuit only after he was rebuking her on a personal and social level.”

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