Heidi Montag is a ‘superficial’ space cadet

heidi_montag_superficialHeidi Montag has just unveiled her official album cover for her debut album, “Superficial”. I can guarantee you this, the entire album is full of FAIL.

Montag said about her album cover, which features cassette tapes, “This cover is a shout out to the ’80s. It makes you remember when you just had to run out to the record store and get your favorite album. You dreamt of those tapes.”

I can’t imagine that she would know too much about that decade, considering that she was born in 1986, but whatever. If you want to murder your eardrums, you can listen to her first single at People.com.

So awful. I bet she doesn’t sell but a few copies, if that. This crap drops on January 12th….hold me back!

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