Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt may STAY in Costa Rica

Holy mother of God, if there is a God in Heaven (I know you hear me up there), then please pleaaaaaaaaaase let Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt keep their famewhoring selves right in Costa Rica where they belong.

It’s a perfect fit to the puzzle. They have faked a pregnancy, a marriage (it could’ve happened), faken an album release (unfortunately this really happened) and have faked a sex tape release. The only thing they’re missing is the reconciliation, the relocation and the procreation of little Costa Rican famewhores just like mommy and daddy.

TMZ has more:

Sources directly connected with Spencer tell TMZ … he wants to move to Costa Rica for two reasons — it’s a lot cheaper than L.A., and he would be closer to Heidi and possibly salvage his marriage.

Of course, reason #2 assumes Heidi is also moving to Costa Rica. So we checked with sources in direct contact with her, and they’re now telling us Heidi is indeed noodling on the idea of living in the Republica de Costa Rica.

So the question — Is this whole divorce thing a pile? Heidi’s friends are kinda hedging, saying she loves Spencer but doesn’t know how to deal with all the problems.

Please, lord MAKE THIS HAPPEN. Yours truly, the Earsucker writer. P.S. If you could possibly find it in your heart to also send them a hurricane, I’d totally owe you one.

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