Heidi Montag’s album flops

Heidi Montag’s debut album, “Superficial” is a commercial flop!

And to think that she sunk all kinds of money into this colossal failure is just heartwarming for me. She said that she basically went broke making the album for three years.

Nielsen Soundscan reports that she’s only sold 658 copies of her debut album. This news leads to me to wonder if she’s going to give up the music business already to stay a crappy, annoying, paparazzi loving attention whore.

Us Magazine reports:

This is likely upsetting news for the reality star, who told Entertainment Weekly last week that she went broke making Superficial but thought that “within the first week, we will definitely make our money back.”

HAHAHAHA. Sorry, I’m done now. Oh wait. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…okay, all done now.

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