Heidi Montag’s ‘Superficial’ album leaks

Heidi Montag’s debut album “Superficial” has leaked!

I can honestly say that I made it through listening to 47 seconds of “Look How I’m Doin'” before I had to turn it off.

How far can you listen???

The album consists of 12 tracks:

  • 1. Look How I’m Doin’
  • 2. Turn Ya Head
  • 3. Fanatic
  • 4. Superficial
  • 5. More Is More
  • 6. One More Drink
  • 7. Twisted
  • 8. Hey Boy
  • 9. My Parade
  • 10. Blackout
  • 11. I’ll Do It.
  • 12. Love It Or Leave It

In other news, downloaders everywhere are forgoing this one. Even if it’s free. But remember, this is comparable to the talent of the late Michael Jackson.

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