How Jennifer Aniston Really Feels About Brad & Angelina’s Engagement

How Jennifer Aniston Really Feels About Brad & Angelina's Engagement

After Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced their engagement almost two weeks ago, everyone was curious as to how his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston reacted. She’s been keeping pretty low-key lately, only stepping out with her man, Justin Theroux.

Some have suggested that Jennifer collapsed at the news of her ex-husband’s engagement. Others have said that she plainly does not care about the situation whatsoever. Are you curious as to how she really feels about the news?

A pal of Jennifer’s said, “She hates it being brought up because she doesn’t really care. She feels Angelina can have him. She just wants to move on.”

Why should she care what he does — they’ve been divorce for seven years. It’s not like she hasn’t moved on in the time since he’s been hooking up with Angelina. Despite what the tabloids report on their so-called love triangles between Angelina, Brad and Jennifer, she’s not holding a candle for him.

The pal went on to add, “Jen’s totally happy with Justin. That’s all in the past.”

As well it should be. It was seven years ago that they’ve parted ways and he’s been with Angelina. Jennifer has been linked to various men over the years, so why would anyone think that she is still giving any thought to Brad’s love life?

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