Howard Stern Makes ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judging Debut

Howard Stern Makes 'America's Got Talent' Judging Debut

When it was announced that Howard Stern had signed on for this season of “America’s Got Talent”, the Parents Television Council urged the show’s advertisers to walk away and take their ads with them. This was way before even hearing the new judge’s commentary on any of the competitors. The PTC was obviously going by the shock jock’s radio show, in which he says whatever happens to be on his mind.

We were among the curious as to how he would stack up when presented with his newly acquired judging duties. If you’ve missed the first week’s episodes, you can read our recaps here and here.

As it turns out, Howard is actually a really good judge of talent. Howie Mandel defended his co-judge, saying, “Yes, he’s edgy and honest, but he’s a very bright, smart man. Nobody gets to that height without knowing what they’re doing. He’s also compassionate, emotional, serious and has god constructive criticism. He’s a good judge.”

All of Howie’s praise for Howard came true this week as we’ve seen a different side of the radio titan. Kudos to him for showing the world that he doesn’t have to be just some guy on the radio who can tell chicks if they’re hot enough to do “Playboy” magazine.

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