Hugh Jackman Attacked By Razor Wielding Fan

Hugh Jackman Attacked By Razor Wielding Fan

“Wolverine” actor Hugh Jackman came face-to-face with a crazed fan over the weekend — but it’s not as bad as it might sound. It’s actually bad, but he didn’t get physically attacked with a razor, “Wolverine-style” if that’s what you’re thinking…. TMZ has the details:

It all went down at Jackman’s gym in NYC yesterday. Police say the woman was hysterically crying as she declared her love for Jackman and threw the razor at him.

After she was tossed out of the gym, cops caught up with her a few blocks away and she was placed under arrest.

Jackman told police this wasn’t the first time she encountered the woman, claiming she had previously shown up at his home and his daughter’s school.

It’s madness….but we’re glad that he is okay. He later revealed that he was a bit shaken up by the ordeal.

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