I hope Arctic Monkeys doesn’t sue anybody over this

Let me repeat that title: I really, really hope Arctic Monkeys doesn’t sue anybody over this. I say this twice because EarSucker has been the target of the Arctic Monkey lawyers in the past for linking to their music (some Web Sheriff/Sherrif/Sharif nonsense that isn’t worth exploring here), and I know for a fact that mashups are in that very gray zone of copyright law that gets IP lawyers horny.

The fucked up thing is that this mashup is really good and I just wasted a good twenty seconds of your time NOT talking about the music of “The Arctic Monkeys Brush the Dirt Off of Clint Eastwood’s Shoulders” or the other folks on this mashup song thingy. Which just makes me hate lawyers even more and endorse marching them into the ovens (okay that one is probably too far). Anyways, watch this awesome mashup some crazy wacky awesome YouTube guy made without consent from Jay Z, Arctic Monkeys, and Gorrilaz [sic]. If you would like to download the song, the creator says you are allowed (see the box message on the YouTube page). We promote this! Which means this video will definitely get yanked and more lawyers involved. Look at us now bitches, we are so edgy it cuts through diamonds.

PS- we are not hosting anything here, so suck it Trebek!

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