In Touch Weekly: Bruce Jenner Is On Suicide Watch

In Touch Weekly: Bruce Jenner Is On Suicide Watch

Bruce Jenner is on suicide watch, according to the latest issue of In Touch Weekly – who seems bent on putting Bruce in makeup on their cover. Bruce has been in the middle of a gender transition and has had the media up his backside since the news went public. Now, the magazine claims that he’s on the verge of offing himself?

At 65-years-old, it is definitely a bold decision to change one’s gender. Can you imagine how long he has felt out of place in his own body? Now, he has made the decision to change his life and live it the way he wants to – and he gets ridiculed by the likes of the tabloid media?

The tabloid reports that Bruce Jenner is on suicide watch and talks about how his six children are trying to save him. According to the cover, Bruce is experiencing crazy mood swings, crying and dangerous behavior. If he is taking hormones in order to make the switch, then he might just be going through some changes in his temperament, but it appears that In Touch Weekly would love to exploit all of that for the sake of magazine sales.

Naturally, the magazine does give a little bit of insight into what his famous family thinks about him and his transition. Of course they would offer their faked support and then behind his back, go and trash him in any way possible. They have posted pictures of their so-called united front, but in reality they would sell out their own mother in order to cash in and make a buck.

What do you think of this week’s cover of In Touch Weekly? Have they gone too far in putting Bruce Jenner in makeup for this week’s issue? Should they just leave him alone to live his life already? Hit the comments below and let us know your thoughts. It seems a crying shame that they just can’t leave well enough alone in their determination to get the “exclusive” first photo of the former Olympian in makeup. Thoughts?

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