In Touch Weekly: Kim Kardashian’s Marriage To Kanye West Is All Business

In Touch Weekly: Kim Kardashian's Marriage To Kanye West Is All Business

Kim Kardashian is shown on this week’s cover of “In Touch Weekly” and the magazine claims that her marriage to rapper Kanye West is nothing but a business deal. Funnily enough, that is the same thing that has been going around about Beyonce’s marriage to Jay-Z — which makes this story all that more unbelievable.

The magazine reports that Kim has been having a public breakdown as one of her frenemies has revealed that her marriage to Kanye is fake, fake, fake. The tabloid also reports that she and Kanye have separate bedrooms and that all of their appearances together are scripted.

She confessed to someone that she is “disgusted by him”, even though in every appearance together they seem happy. In fact, the magazine takes everything a step further, insinuating that Kim is merely with Kanye for the monetary value placed on their marriage. She is a famewhore, but would she go through with a wedding and all of this hooplah for the sake of the almighty dollar?!? Wait, that was a trick question — don’t answer that.

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