In Touch Weekly: Kris Jenner Drags Bruce To Court For Sex Change Revenge

In Touch Weekly: Kris Jenner Drags Bruce To Court For Sex Change Revenge

Kris and Bruce Jenner are both featured on the cover of the latest issue of In Touch Weekly. Inside of this issue, the magazine talks about how miffed Kris Jenner is with regard to Bruce Jenner’s womanly transformation. She was so angry that he is undergoing gender reassignment surgery that she has decided to drag him to court for revenge.

Is Kris so angry that she isn’t about to profit from the docu-series that he came up with that she wanted to take him to court? She really is all about the almighty dollar, so that should come as a surprise to absolutely no one at all.

The tabloid states on its cover that he is making millions off of his sex change television show and that she is getting nothing. Is this the time that we all feel sorry for Kris Jenner in that she can’t pile even more money on top of the cash that she already has?

In addition, the magazine reports that Bruce Jenner was seen in public while he was wearing some lingerie. The tabloid also claims to have the scoop on what happened on the day that Khloe Kardashian found Bruce Jenner’s wigs and dresses. Lastly, the tabloid has the scoop on Bruce Jenner’s surgery details.

Also featured in this issue is the drama surrounding Bobbi Kristina Brown’s recent hospitalization after she was found in a bathtub face down and unconscious.

In addition, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are said to be struggling to save their marriage. BS, we’re sure.

The magazine also reports that there was a secret witness to whatever happened to late comedienne Joan Rivers. What does this secret witness know? Apparently details that they’ve told the tabloid, but not the detectives investigating the tragic incident? (We’re calling BS on this one, too.)

Lastly, there is a piece on the drama that surrounds Mariah Carey and the firing of the nanny that got too close to her twins with Nick Cannon. If you want to save yourself $2.99, you can read about Mariah Carey’s diva ways here.

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