In Touch Weekly: Kris Jenner Vs. Caitlyn Jenner – Years Of Marriage Secrets SPILLED!

In Touch Weekly: Kris Jenner Vs. Caitlyn Jenner - Years Of Marriage Secrets SPILLED!

Kris Jenner goes head-to-head with Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of this week’s edition of In Touch Weekly magazine as a psychiatrist spills the dirty details of their marriage!

According to the doctor – who probably treated neither of the ladies, Kris Jenner’s abusive behavior was detailed in a shocking report. Caitlyn Jenner has already revealed that Kris mistreated her during their time together, so this isn’t actually news to us. She said that if Kris Jenner was more accepting of her in the middle of her transition that they might still be together.

The magazine also talks about how Kris tortured and controlled Bruce for years. Obviously, her controlling nature has taken its toll on Bruce. He felt like he was trapped in the body of a woman for years – even at the beginning of their marriage. Naturally, if she’d glossed over his feelings, he would certainly feel that he needed to transition into Caitlyn Jenner in a huge way (like on TV, perhaps).

Either way, we are sure that there are numerous issues surrounding the marriage between Kris and Caitlyn Jenner. We just have yet to uncover what’s really been going down between the two of them for all of this time. We would hope that she would be able to live her life without being in the shadow of Kris Jenner – so only time will tell if that comes to pass.

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[Photo Credit: In Touch Weekly]

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