Inside Whitney Houston’s Secret Pain

Inside Whitney Houston's Secret Pain

Late songbird Whitney Houston covers the latest issue of People magazine.

Whitney was born in Newark, New Jersey on August 9, 1963 and by the time she was eleven years-old, she was singing in her church’s junior gospel choir. Before all of the fame that stardom brings got to her, she was a sweet, young girl, who family called “Nippy”.

Photographer Bette Marshall said, “She was everyone’s dream daughter. She was sweet. She sang in church. And you knew she’d be a superstar.”

Whitney had her demons, but we didn’t realize that dealing with her image of being America’s Sweetheart was a struggle for her. A record executive who worked with Whitney said, “She was in pain from living almost a double life. She wanted to be down with her community. That’s who she really was. But because of her career, she also had to portray this pure pop princess in gorgeous gowns, singing songs the white community adored.”

I don’t know why this suddenly became an issue of race. We are sure that the white community wasn’t the only ones who loved her music. Either way, on February 11, 2012, we lost a true talent. Rest in peace, Whitney. Your talent will be missed.

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