Is Britney Spears back to normal?

Britney was taken to the hospital Thursday night, after she wouldn’t turn over her kids to that retarded ex-husband of hers. The court ordered monitor didn’t have her paperwork on her to prevent K-Fed’s goons from calling the police, fire department, the commissioner and anyone else that would listen to cart Britney’s “crazy” butt out of there.

No one was there for Britney to be on her side and K-Fed’s people went in for the kill. This is just my two cents, but I think someone tipped off the press and Britney went a little nuts after they strapped her to a gurney like a mental patient. We weren’t told who told the EMS people what was going on with Britney. It might have been K-loser’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, who said to the EMS guys that she is crazy and to get her out of there.

Seems kind of odd to me that the press were tipped off so quickly and how the whole thing played out immediately in the media spotlight. I know that they watch her when she goes to Starbucks and we know all about what gas station she’s stealing lighters from, but something seems fishy about Thursday night.

Fast forward to now, where she’s screaming at the people at the hospital and demanding to leave. Is she back to her normal spoiled self? Only time will tell.

It all seems like the work of Kevin Federline’s attorney in an attempt for him to gain full custody of the kids, and it worked.

Enough about her for now, except to say that I wish she gets better soon and it’s sad to see stuff like this go down.

UPDATE: Britney has been released from the hospital and was seen talking to Dr. Phil about perhaps appearing on his show?

Is Britney Spears back to normal? was last modified: July 1st, 2015 by Roberta Ferguson
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